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Wight Space has cast terrific actors to bring its characters to life.

Arpad Balogh


Arpad Balogh is an actor, known for Code 5 (2011), Cradle of Flesh (2010) and Vagina Vacation (2009) and most recently he had a recurring role in The Man in the High Castle.

Kristopher Steven Jantz


Kristopher Steven Jantz joins Wight Space in his first web series.

Elysha Jackson


Elysha is best known for her work in When The Wheels Fall Off (2014), The Grand Unified Theory (2015).

Laura Mitchell


Laura Mitchell is known for her work on October Kiss (2015) and The Unauthorized Full House Story (2015) and most recently Harry and Meghan-A Royal Romance.

Hans Potter


Hans Potter is known for his work on Dreams Come True (2013), Leaving Vilvoorde (2016)

David C. Jones


David C. Jones is known for his work on Tops & Bottoms (2009), Caught (2008) and Coffee Club (2011).

Stevie Jackson


Stevie Jackson is an actress and writer, known for Supernatural (2005), Grandma (2014) and Honestly Charlotte (2016).

Mariel Kathryn Hunter


From Saint John, New Brunswick - where one of her favourite actors, Donald Sutherland, was born, Mariel joins us for her first web series.


About Wight Space


Wight Space is set in the near future where science has proven the existence of ghosts. We are now aware of them. The unfortunate side effect of this is the ghosts are now much more aware of us. And they are everywhere. The phenomenon in which they exist was labeled the Overcast, and it was aptly named because nowhere on Earth was not under its shroud. With society virtually on collapse due to the living having to endure the plight of the dead, governments setup paranormal organizations to help contain the mass outbreak of hauntings. The United States created the SES(Spirit Expatriation Service). But as the problem only grow worse, the SES can not keep up. Corporations developed new technology effectively known as Warding Systems. These warding systems were able to block a specter from entering a particular structure, room or building. The first corporation to do this made billions almost overnight. Soon after other corporations followed suit, and many startups sprung to develop their own warding systems. It had become a corporate war the likes of which the world had never seen.  However, even the cheapest warding system was too expensive for the majority of the population.  This means many people need to rely on the SES, and similar organizations. Society eventually turns to a new sort of normalcy. And ghosts were starting to become like the homeless guy begging for change on the street: mostly ignored. But now something has changed. Warding systems keep seeming less effective, and Ghosts are starting to manipulate the physical world more frequently which has led to violent attacks sprouting up. While the world searches for more effective ways to deal with the ghosts, a far more dangerous threat looms.


Ric Allan LaFollette